Toolie in the MediaToolie is available as a subject matter expert on remote work, hybrid work, and remote leadership success. If you're a podcast host looking for a guest, or a reporter on assignment looking for an expert to interview, Toolie is ready and willing to assist you on short notice.

Here is an example list of topics where she can help you.

  • Authentic Inclusion: Why Remote Work Enables an Equal Footing
  • Balanced Expectations: How to Help Remote Teams Avoid Burnout
  • Empowered Empathy: How to Help Remote Teams Thrive
  • Secure Systems: Keeping Your Corporate Data Safe While Managing Remote Teams
  • Strategic Innovation: Tools and Techniques for Remote Teams
  • Supported Workspaces: Making the Home Office Productive and Safe
  • Sustainable Work Styles: Don't Just Manage, Lead Your Remote Teams
  • Trusted Relationships: The Key to Successful Remote Teams
  • Voluntary Excellence: How to Get Your Remote Team Members Performing at Their Personal Best

Geography is no barrier! Toolie can assist you via Zoom, phone, or email. Click the Contact link above or click the red Talk to Toolie button bottom right to reach Toolie.

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