Remote Leadership Success speaker Toolie® Garner has been speaking, working remotely, and leading remote teams since 1995. A 10-year veteran of Microsoft, Toolie has presented 350 sessions in person to audiences in 24 countries on 5 continents, and conducted over 150 live webinars presented remotely. She is a published author, speaker, and educator. Toolie is a Professional Member of the National Speakers Association, and Past President of the NSA Northwest Chapter.

In addition to her public speaking, Toolie consults with C-Suite and other corporate leaders on leading remote teams successfully, not just during the pandemic, but preparing for the years to come, as corporations adjust to the hybrid or fully-remote way of working.

Toolie is also available as a media source on remote work for podcast hosts, journalists, bloggers, and other media. A prolific writer herself, Toolie knows how to help writers cover this topic accurately and effectively.

Toolie makes a great podcast guest. Her direct, no-nonsense, and humorous style engages listeners and gets them thinking.

Toolie is the founder and owner of Tooliedotter Press, an online consulting and publishing company founded in 2003.

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Client Testimonials

I had the pleasure of working with Toolie on a sprawling, multi-region effort at our company, and her leadership was pivotal to the successful outcomes of the project. At critical junctures where despair was about to set in, it was the greatest relief to find that Toolie had anticipated some scenario, and already had the tools to allow a clean resolution and to enable progress in the project. I couldn’t imagine our success without Toolie.

-- K. Madden, Exec. Director of Media and Ecommerce

Toolie is amazing; she has a mastery of finding the right balance of working with people to get results, and being empathetic about competing priorities across teams and locations. She was instrumental in helping to pull together the practice and training for multiple teams for our multi-region effort. Toolie is smart, friendly, and strategic. She’s a ray of light, and any company would be lucky to have her on their side. 

-- K. Johnson, Director of Content Marketing


National Speakers Association – 20-Year Professional Member, Past Chapter President, and National Leadership Team Member

Certified Scrum Master, Certified Scrum Product Owner –

State of California – Community College Lifetime Instructor Credential # 369747

Masters Degree - California State University, Fullerton

Bachelors Degree - Wheaton College, Wheaton IL